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Welcome to the world of Permian Sports!
This website features the student athletes from all sports representing Permian High School in Odessa, Texas.  The goals of PermianSports.com are: 

  • to provide accurate information to the public on upcoming events and the results of those competitions,
  • to promote the achievements of our young men and ladies,
  • to encourage the Permian student athletes to stay involved in the various character building sports programs
  • to show support for the many talents and abilities of our Mojo community.

PermianSports.com is not operated or affiliated by any employee of the Ector County ISD.  However, we have a working relationship with several of the individual Permian sports program booster clubs.  The information contained on this website is being provided by those clubs and/or the head coaches.

Created and maintained by a Mojo graduate.


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