Presenting Our Permian Paw-Stars

ODESSA, TX – We have several proud “parents” of four-legged friends that consider their fur babies and pet companions as family members… and with good reason.  In the weeks ahead, we will be showcasing our Mojo extended family.

Making their featured debut as our first group of furry family members, we would like for you to meet some of our Permian Paw-Stars.  Consisting of predominantly “kids” from the canine group, we consider them a proud part of our valued Mojo Family.

<<< Mookie & Charlie
Miss Cilento is Mookie and Charlie’s “Mama”. Mookie (on left) is a two-year-old female Staffordshire terrier and Charlie (on right) is a three male. He is half lab and half Staffordshire terrier. They are special because both are rescues from completely different places and are still inseparable. The pair have an insane amount of energy and love to play fetch and wrestle with each other. Almost polar opposites, Mookie is super protective and Charlie is the most chill dog and nothing seems to make him upset.

Babii >>>
Babii lives with her human Diana Flores. She is a teacup Deer Head Chihuahua and will be a whopping five-years-old this coming May. She is known for being able to say “Hello”. Also, Diana says Babii’s licker is broken as she loves giving kisses to everyone that she comes in contact.

<<< Billy
Billy is a three-year-old Chiweenie and the little guy of Permian coach Teysha Tindol. In addition to his markings on his eyes and backside, coach thinks the coolest thing about Billy is he can consistently catch a tennis ball in mid-air. He plays catch for hours and hardly ever commits any errors or misses! She says he’s also the sweetest little guy and has never met a stranger.

Callie >>>
Callie is a 13-year-old Tuxedo feline that wears her black and white colors of pride.  She’d better, she’s one of two of the Permian web guy’s little girls. Many of the pages and articles on were created with Callie either in my lap or lying in the top drawer of my desk while working on the various web graphics. She’s a little overweight and doesn’t get a bunch of exercise, but still very active and gives Katie (see below) fits from time to time.  She’s working on the “diet” part…

<<< Katie
Katie is a purebred Sheltie that just celebrated her third birthday on January 30. She’s a sports girl through and through. My little shortstop loves playing ball and does well with ‘pop-ups’ (catch the ball) and ‘grounders’ (fetching). She actually watches games on TV with me and stays focused on them for extended periods at a time… if it’s a good game. She can identify horses, which is good for an instant growl.  These aren’t even the red OHS ones, which would get the obvious response.  Katie tells “d-o-g”s on TV to get off of her screen.  She knows ‘touchdown’ / ‘homerun’ (speak), ‘bad call’ (growls), and ‘tag-up’ (stay).

Lilly >>>
Lilly is the proud daughter of Jennifer Ruiz and about five-years-old,  She is a black Pug and one of four “kids” in the household.  Jennifer says Lilly watches TV more than her humans do. She goes crazy barking at any animal (real or cartoon) on the television! She has even let Biden have some barks!  The family found her on the street a couple of years ago and she was never claimed, so they adopted her and has been there ever since.  Lilly also has two human brothers and a Dad that graduated from Permian.

<<< Lobo
Kevin Kidd says #13 (Hayden Kidd) is Lobo’s favorite Mojo player.  Lobo will be three-years-old on Valentine’s Day. He’s an European Doberman Pinscher and clocks in around 100 pounds. Lobo loves walks around the neighborhood with ‘his mom’, and getting to go on car rides… but he’s very adamant that the sunroof be open so he can stick his head out the top!  It’s guaranteed to draw smiles and laughs, and even a few pics when they’re out. Door-to-door home security people are often introduced to him before they can even ring the bell. Most of them just wave and say, “I think you’re good!”

Meeko >>>
Meeko is still a wee pup of Aolani Alvarado and is just five-months-old.  He is a Dachshund and loves his “pupuccino” (dog cappuccino) from Starbucks.  Meeko enjoys playing fetch with his football and loves taking baths.  Aolani thinks his cute droopy ears and the coat colors on a Dachshund make him quite unique.

<<< Mojo
Regretfully, one of our paw-stars took the trip over the Rainbow Bridge in 2018. Never have I seen a paw-star wear a Permian shirt with any more pride!  Mojo was a four-year-old miniature Schnauzer.  Brandi Heaton says Mojo smiled at her with his teeth everyday, when she got home from work.  He also loved laying out by the pool. Brandi’s daughter Kaelyn was in band for four years and Mojo hated her flute.  She has worn his ashes in a ring since his passing.

Mojo >>>
This Mojo is a three-year-old Olde English Bulldog and belongs to Brando Patterson.  Mojo loves attention and loves a good booty rub. He loves to snuggle up in your lap even though he’s 70 pounds. He has a little nub tail that wags really fast when he’s getting love or wanting a snack. Brando says it’s hilarious. Mojo hates the rumba and will sit in front of Brando like he’s guarding him the whole time it’s on.  Mojo loves his treats, and will run around the house showing everyone before he lays down to eat it. He’s very smart and even knows family ringtones on the cell. He loves the UPS and FedEx guys and they love him. They always bring him treats.

<<< Penelope
Elsa Garcia is the proud ‘parent’ of Penelope, a two-year-old English Bulldog. Penelope is very funny and spunky, and her ‘big sis’ is her favorite Permian player. They say most bulldogs are lazy, but she is very energetic and always getting into things. One thing that stands out to Elsa is that she will go to the ends of the earth just to sit next to her husband. If any one tries to sit with him, she jumps in between and literally pushes them away. Penelope is hilarious with a huge personality. Elsa says she loves her little girl to pieces.

Snoop Dog >>>
Snoop Dog is a two-years-old Brindle Piebald Dachshund. AJ Alvarado says Snoop Dog is larger than life… in his eyes, that is.  He’s completely fearless, not at all your normal dachshund!  Snoop Dog spends many of his days fighting with the neighbors, including “rival bulldogs” that outweigh him by at least 50 pounds!  When he isn’t fighting, Snoop Dog loves chasing birds and playing in the sprinklers. When Snoop Dog is “defending his turf”, AJ says his other dachshunds just look on in amazement most of the time.


If you’re a proud ‘Permian Paw-Star’ parent, you can message @PermianSports on social media, or send an email.
Make sure to include:  Photo, age and breed, cute things they do that makes the day better, some of their special talents, and what they do that makes them unique and interesting.


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