Busy Week Continues For Mojo Baseball

Odessa, TX – While most are taking it easy this week for Spring Break, for the Permian baseball team it will be business as usual.  After dominating Abilene High 19-2 in the district home opener on Tuesday, Mojo will close out the week playing in the First Bank Classic on March 11-13.

The Lubbock ISD teams competing in and/or hosting the three-day event in the Hub City will include: Lubbock-Cooper (4-5A), Lubbock Coronado (4-5A), Lubbock Estacado (3-4A), Lubbock High (4-5A), and Lubbock Monterey (4-5A).

In addition to Permian (2-6A) making the journey into the Red Raiders’ stomping grounds, other teams expected to participate are:  Canyon Randall (3-5A), Frenship (2-6A), Plainview (3-5A), and San Angelo Central (2-6A).

Mojo is scheduled to play a total of six games, which will include a pair of District 2-6A games.  On Day One, the Panthers will open with Lubbock High and finish with Frenship*, both at Tiger Field.  Permian has met the Westerners twice this season, with both games ending in lopsided victories for the Black Cats.

A visit to Lubbock Cooper on Day Two will feature a game with the Pirates, followed by a district meeting with San Angelo Central*.  Cooper is another Lubbock team the Panthers have already played twice.  The Pirates are responsible for two of Permian’s three losses suffered in 2021.

Non-district games with Monterey and Coronado on Day Three will conclude the trip to Lubbock.  It will be the first meeting between the Plainsmen and Panthers since an early scrimmage, while the Mustangs absorbed an 8-5 loss to Mojo on February 26.

The Black Cats spent this past weekend in another multi-game event, the Tournament of Champions, where they won four of the five slated games.  The lone blemish came in a one-run 6-5 loss to Amarillo High at Ernie Johnson Field in Midland.

The First Bank Classic will be the last tournament-like environment Permian will be involved in until a probable state playoff run later in May.


  Baseball Complex (Cooper) – 16302 TX-493 Loop
Leslie Field (Lubbock) – 803 N. University Ave.
Matador Field (Estacado) – 1504 E. Itasca Ave.
Moegle Field (Monterey) – 66th St. & Avenue L
O’Banion Field (Coronado) – 5518 Marsha Sharp Fwy  
Tiger Field (Frenship) – 902 N. Dowden Rd.

First Bank Classic Itinerary

Thursday, March 11

Lubbock-Cooper (Baseball Complex)
11:00 – Plainview vs Lubbock-Cooper
4:00 – Lubbock Estacado vs Lubbock-Cooper
Lubbock Coronado (O’Banion Field)
11:00 – Canyon Randall vs Lubbock Coronado
1:30 – San Angelo Central vs Canyon Randall
4:00 – San Angelo Central vs Lubbock Coronado

Lubbock Monterey (Moegle Field)
11:00 – Lubbock Estacado vs Lubbock Monterey
4:00 – Plainview vs Lubbock Monterey

Wolfforth Frenship (Tiger Field)
11:00 – Lubbock High vs Frenship
1:30 – Odessa Permian vs Lubbock High
4:00 – Odessa Permian vs Frenship

Friday, March 12

Lubbock Cooper (Baseball Complex)
11:00 – Permian vs Lubbock-Cooper
1:30 – San Angelo Central vs Lubbock-Cooper
4:00 – San Angelo Central vs Permian

Lubbock Coronado (O’Banion Field)
11:00 – Plainview vs Lubbock Coronado

Lubbock Estacado (Matador Field)
4:00 – Lubbock Coronado vs Lubbock Estacado

Lubbock High (Leslie Field)
11:00 – Lubbock Estacado vs Lubbock High
4:00 – Plainview vs Lubbock High

Lubbock Monterey (Moegle Field)
11:00 – Frenship vs Lubbock Monterey
1:30 – Canyon Randall vs Frenship
4:00 – Canyon Randall vs Lubbock Monterey

Saturday, March 13

Lubbock Coronado (Baseball Complex)
11:00 – Odessa Permian vs Lubbock Monterey
1:30 – Odessa Permian vs Lubbock Coronado

Lubbock Estacado (Matador Field)
11:00 – Plainview vs Lubbock Estacado

Lubbock High (Leslie Field)
11:00 – Canyon Randall vs Lubbock-Cooper
1:30 – Canyon Randall vs Lubbock High

Wolfforth Frenship (Tiger Field)
11:00 – San Angelo Central vs Frenship


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